How To Choose New Bathroom Fixtures For Your Office

You may have recently decided to make some upgrades around the office, and the bathroom is high on your list. Having a functional and well-decorated bathroom matters to everyone in the office. When you are choosing new fixtures or finishes, there are a few things to think about upfront that will help you make the best choices.

Think About Existing Electrical and Plumbing Connections

Moving the electrical or plumbing connections in a bathroom is more work than you really want to get into on a simple bathroom refresher project. Moving plumbing fixtures is especially tricky; your plumber would have to cut into flooring materials to alter and extend pipes or install different sized hookups. So, you will probably want to get a commercial plumber involved before you buy any fixtures. They can point you in the right direction of new toilets or sinks that work with the existing infrastructure in your public restroom.

Consider Maintenance Costs

Every material or fixture will come with different maintenance and operations costs. For sinks, you have the costs involved with water supply; the amount of water flowing through the fixture will affect the overall cost of operations. You also have intended capacity for bathroom fixtures; some toilets are designed for continuous use, while others have a slower reflow rate and may break down under continuous flushes. For these types of stats, you will want to look at the reviews and manufacturer's specifications and talk with your plumber.

There is another type of maintenance to consider, and that is cleaning. Some finishes will show soap scum more easily. Certain flooring needs to be cleaned or polished on a frequent basis. Check with the manufacturer and ask these questions before you buy in. You might find that you save money on a new fixture, but that the added maintenance cost makes it more expensive in the long run.

Think About Sustainability

A big recommendation is that you make sure all new plumbing fixtures are sustainable. This reduces your business' impact on the environment, and that is something that will make a good impression on many of your employees. Employees are turning more and more to companies that care about their communities, and sustainable fixtures are a small way to make a difference.

Look into low flow toilets at the least; rainwater toilets are an option for more ecologically sustainable businesses. Aerated or dispersed flow faucets are another option that mostlicensed plumbers would advocate.