Pipe Lining Could Be The Best Solution For Eliminating Tree Roots In Your Sewer Pipe For Good

If you're having problems with tree roots in your sewer, you've probably found out that having your sewer line cleaned out is just a temporary solution. If roots got in your sewer line once, they'll eventually grow back and cause clogs again. There's a solution for this problem that keeps tree roots away permanently, and that's pipe lining. Here's a look at how pipe lining can solve your ongoing problem with tree roots.

What To Do If Water Is Seeping Out Of Your Wall When You Use A Sink Or Toilet

When pipes work properly, homeowners don't have to give them much care or notice. However, that can change dramatically when something starts to go wrong. If you have recently used a water-based appliance like a sink, shower, or toilet and have noticed that the wall seems to be damp, moist, or has water visibly beading up or seeping out of it, you have a considerable issue on your hands. Here's what you should know and do.

What Does It Mean If Your Pipes Are Rattling?

Hearing a rattling noise coming from the walls or under your sink can be quite disturbing for any homeowner. If you've noticed this noise recently and are afraid of what it could mean for your plumbing, then here's a simple guide to walk you through what's likely going on. Pipes Secured Here's the simplest explanation for what's going on: chances are your pipes aren't properly secured. When pipes are put in place when a home is built, the pipes are secured in order to prevent movement either during use or in the event of a disaster, like an earthquake.

How A Drain Cleaning Specialist Can Help You And Your Family

Your home probably has multiple drains. After all, you probably have at least one drain in your kitchen, if not two or more. You probably have a drain in each of your bathroom sinks, and you probably also have shower and bathtub drains. Because of all of the drains that might be present in your home, there's a good chance that you could actually benefit from some advice and help from a professional who has a lot of experience with household drains.

Three Reasons For Water Around Your Heat Pump

Some water should be expected around the outdoor portion of your heat pump in winter due to any collected snow or ice melting off of the unit, but extensive water during dry weather or water around the indoor portion of the unit can indicate a problem. The following are the three most likely reasons why your heat pump is leaking. By catching the problem early, you can have it repaired before more severe damage occurs.