Adding The Plumbing To Your New Home Construction

When a home is being built, the installation of the plumbing can be among the most complicated parts of this process. Due to this reality, it is understandable that many people will be unsure as to how this process will proceed when it is time for their new house to have its plumbing installed. Know That A Separate Service Will Be Needed For The Installation Of The Plumbing A person may assume that their general contractor will always handle the installation of the plumbing.

Drain Clearing Options for People Who Physically Can't Use a Plunger

Plungers are excellent for clearing drains. Pump the plunger up and down a few times, and suddenly things flow freely. But what if you have arthritis in your wrists, a shoulder injury, or some other physical problem that makes it impossible to plunge a drain? What if you tried using a plunger and you still have a clog? Luckily, you still have options. Here are some ways to clear a drain when you need additional options.

Three Reasons To Leave Foundation Repair To The Pros

If you're one of those people that enjoy doing things around the house, then any opportunity that you get to show off your DIY skills is a temptation that may be too hard to ignore. But while fixing gutters and unclogging toilets is one matter, trying to repair your home's foundation is another issue entirely. For several reasons—many of which are outlined below—this is one job that you should leave up to a company that specializes in foundation repair services.

Pipe Lining Could Be The Best Solution For Eliminating Tree Roots In Your Sewer Pipe For Good

If you're having problems with tree roots in your sewer, you've probably found out that having your sewer line cleaned out is just a temporary solution. If roots got in your sewer line once, they'll eventually grow back and cause clogs again. There's a solution for this problem that keeps tree roots away permanently, and that's pipe lining. Here's a look at how pipe lining can solve your ongoing problem with tree roots.

What To Do If Water Is Seeping Out Of Your Wall When You Use A Sink Or Toilet

When pipes work properly, homeowners don't have to give them much care or notice. However, that can change dramatically when something starts to go wrong. If you have recently used a water-based appliance like a sink, shower, or toilet and have noticed that the wall seems to be damp, moist, or has water visibly beading up or seeping out of it, you have a considerable issue on your hands. Here's what you should know and do.