Reasons To Replace Your Sewer Lateral

The sewer laterals connect your home's water system to the local sewer system in order to easily dispose of any wastewater that the property is producing. Unfortunately, the sewer laterals can suffer significant damage that may result in them needing to be replaced.

Major Ruptures

A major rupture is one of the most common problems that a sewer lateral can experience. There are a number of potential sources of these ruptures. For example, it is possible for the pipes to simply age and weaken so that sections of the pipe fail. A rupture could also occur as a result of the soil under the sewer lateral eroding. This can deprive it of vital support, which may result in sections of the lateral loosening or detaching. Any major rupture will result in the need for at least a partial lateral replacement, as it may not be possible to effectively patch a lateral that has a large rupture on it.


Roots growing into the sewer lateral can be another reason that a homeowner may have to replace it. The roots of large plants can eventually force their way through the small gaps in the joints of the sewer lateral. This process can take years, but it is extremely damaging to the lateral, as it can destroy the sections of the pipe near the joint. Unfortunately, this damage may not be repairable in extreme cases. For example, the force of the root entering the pipe can actually cause splits that may run down the length of the pipe. Root guards are an effective way of stopping this problem, and you should consider installing one of these barriers around your sewer laterals. The replacement process can be an excellent opportunity to make this upgrade, as this part of the plumbing system will need to be excavated for the replacement anyway.

Upgraded Capacity

As your family grows, the amount of wastewater that the house produces can increase fairly substantially. Unfortunately, this can result in the current sewer laterals being unable to accommodate the large amounts of wastewater your home is producing. This can lead to the interior drains slowing or even completely backing up. To prevent this from occurring, you may need to upgrade your sewer laterals to ones with a much higher capacity. This will ensure that the wastewater from your home's plumbing is able to rapidly and efficiently be transported to the sewer connection.

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