Three Plumbing Services To Have Done When You First Move In

When you first move into a home, you may feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do. There's furniture to arrange, utility companies to call, and boxes to unpack. Once you get settled, one of the next steps you need to take is making an appointment with a plumbing service, like In & Out Plumbing & Construction. There are a few plumbing services you should have done upon moving in to prevent future problems with your pipes, toilets, and drains.

Video Camera Inspection

Your plumber can send a video camera down into the main sewer line to check for any signs of root growth, clogs, or collapsed pipes. Many times, sewer pipe problems are not that obvious when nobody has lived in a home for a while. But once you move in and start flushing things down the toilet, toilet paper and any wipes may get stuck on tree roots or mineral deposits in your sewer line, leading to backups and blockages. Having a camera inspection done early on allows you to avoid these messy backups.

If your plumber does note any problems in the inspection, they can give you an estimate for the necessary repairs so you can plan financially.


Hydro-jetting is a process by which your plumber shoots high-pressured water into your drain pipes. The water clears away any soap scum, grease, or other buildup in the pipes. Almost all pipes have some degree of buildup, and if you do not do anything about it now, you may end up with clogged and slow drains a few months down the road. Hydro-jetting only takes a few hours for an entire house, and it will keep your drains running freely for many months.

Leak Detection

Most homeowners assume that they would know if they had a plumbing leak. But while some leaks leave obvious puddles of water on the floor, many do not. If the leak is in a major pipe leading into your home or if it is between your toilet bowl and toilet tank, you may not notice it on your own. Meanwhile, the leak will drive your water bill up, and you might assume the high bill is just standard in your new neighborhood! Your plumber can inspect your whole system for leaks, and if needed, repair them so you don't overpay for water.

Having a plumber do these three things as soon as you move in will save you money in the long run and give you plenty of peace of mind.