Is Your Elderly Neighbor Dealing With A Mysteriously High Water Bill? How To Locate The Source Of A Plumbing Leak

You couldn't ask for a better neighbor, and you often find yourself enjoying a chat with the person who lives next door. However, their recent utility bill was shocking, and you know that they could never use that much water on their own. Unfortunately, you know that a skyrocketing water bill is often the first indicator of a plumbing system that has gone terribly wrong. Now, you can return the favor of being a good neighbor by using these three steps to identify the source of their plumbing leak.

Start With a Visual Inspection

The first rule of leak detection is to start with the simplest strategy first. Begin by asking your neighbor if you can check the plumbing fixtures for signs of a leak. Often, minor leaks such as those that occur under sinks or in unused areas of the home can go undetected for a while. Inspect underneath each sink and around the toilets and shower to see if there are any obvious signs of water leaking. If not, then head outside to check the exterior spigots. If you find a leak, then help your neighbor repair the problem or arrange for professional services if plumbing is beyond your scope of expertise.

Check for Soggy Spots

Plumbing leaks sometimes occur of parts of the property that may not be easy to see during a visual inspection. Your neighbor's plumbing system likely has pipes that run through their walls and underground to the street. Continue your inspection by feeling for wet or soggy spots along the walls inside of the house. Then, walk around the yard and watch for signs of excess water such as grass that seems abnormally green or tall in one spot.

Identify the Actual Location

Keep in mind that water runs along the easiest path. Therefore, finding a wet spot indicates that a leak is nearby, but it could be several feet away and uphill. Fortunately, professional leak detection services can use special techniques such as in-pipe cameras to find the actual location of the leak so that disruption of your neighbor's property is kept to a minimum during the repairs.

When your neighbor has a problem, it's just the right thing to do to help them fix it. While you might not have a lot of plumbing experience, you can help them figure out if a leak is happening so that they can schedule repairs that prevent more serious water damage from ruining their home.