3 Tips To Prevent Unpleasant Smells From The Portable Toilets At Your Event

Even though you might know that portable toilets can be quite useful at various outdoor events, you could have some concerns about using them. For example, you might be concerned that they will have an unpleasant odor. Even though this is an understandable concern, you should know that following these tips can help you prevent these smells from causing problems at your event.

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Portable Toilets

First of all, you are going to need to make sure that you have enough portable toilets available for your guests to use. If you don't have enough portable toilets, then you have to worry about the portable toilets that you do have becoming overfilled with waste. Plus, there could be long waits for use of the facilities, which can be a negative thing for the people who are attending your event. If you aren't sure of how many portable toilets you will need, you should talk to someone from a portable toilet rental company about your guest list and the number of people who you are expecting to have in attendance. Then, you can get advice about the appropriate number of portable toilets that you will probably need to purchase.

2. Ask About a Deodorizing Product

Many companies that offer portable toilet rentals offer additional services, such as deodorizing services. Even if this comes with a small additional cost, you might find that it's worth it so that you can ensure that your portable toilets don't have any more of an unpleasant odor than they have to.

3. Ask Users to Put the Lid Down

If the people who use your portable toilet put the lid down after use, this can help prevent any unpleasant smells from filling up the portable toilet and causing offensive odors in the surrounding area. Therefore, you might want to consider putting up a simple sign in the portable toilet asking your guests to do so. This should only take each person a second or two, but it can actually make a big difference in the smells that your guests will all have to deal with.

If you are concerned about the portable toilets causing unpleasant smells at your event, you certainly have a legitimate concern. However, you should not assume that the portable toilets have to pose a problem. Instead, consider these tips for preventing unpleasant smells while still making use of portable toilets and their many benefits. Contact a service, like B & B Drain Tech Inc, for more help.