Small Bathroom Tips

If you have a very small bathroom then you more than likely want to do your best to create more space or at least the illusion of it. The tips here will help you to get as much space as possible out of your small bathroom.

Go with a pedestal sink – If you currently have a sink in the bathroom that has a vanity with a cupboard area under it, this can be great if you really need the storage. However, if you have shelving near the bathroom where you could just as easily put your bathroom items, then you may want to switch to a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink will give you a lot more floor space. You can use that extra space for a wastebasket, a bathroom rug and other items you may want to have in the bathroom.

Have a smaller tub installed – If you have a large tub in the small bathroom, then you should definitely think about switching out to a smaller tub. By putting in a smaller bathtub and replacing plumbing, you are also giving yourself more floor space.

Consider removing a partition wall – If you have a partial wall in the bathroom that is intended to add privacy to the toilet area. Think about how important this wall is to you and if it is really necessary. If it isn't, then taking it completely out can do a lot for adding even more free space to the bathroom.

Use dark colors sparingly – Painting the bathroom in lighter colors and using dark colors as accent colors only will help to create the illusion of a larger space.

Make sure the window is large enough – If you have a small window in the bathroom then having a larger window installed in its place will help to brighten the space up and it will help it to look more open.

Make sure there are enough mirrors or a large one -  Putting mirrors in any room will help to create the illusion that the room is larger than it is and this is the same for bathrooms. If your current mirror is small, then one thing you really need to do is to swap it out with a larger one. Also, consider installing more anywhere where they would look good, so you can create even more illusions of space.

Taking the steps to implement some of the above changes, you can turn your very small bathroom into one that looks larger and possibly is physically larger.