4 Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Sewer Main Drain

When homes use a municipal sewer system for waste management, a large pipe, called a main sewer drain, run's through a person's property until it reaches the street and connects with the sewer. The last thing you want is to have a major blockage inside your sewer main drain, as this can prevent waste from reaching the sewer and the waste may flow up through your drains back into your home. Use the following tips to maintain your sewer main drain and prevent clogs and blockages:

Don't Use the Toilet as a Trash Can

One of the easiest ways to prevent clogs in your sewer main drain is by not using the toilet like it is a trash can. The only things that should be flushed down the toilet are toilet paper and human waste. Never flush paper towels, facial tissue, baby wipes, flushable wipes, or feminine hygiene projects. These things don't break down inside the sewer main drain, so they can get stuck and cause a blockage inside the pipe.

Avoid Dumping Grease Down the Kitchen Drain

When you're cooking a meal, it is important to always properly dispose of grease and fat. Grease and fat should be poured into a container or emptied into a trash can-- never pour grease and fats down your kitchen drain. While grease and fat may be in liquid form immediately after cooking, it will eventually harden and congeal. If you continually pour grease and fats down the drain of your kitchen sink, there is the risk of a large blockage forming in your sewer main drain.

Be Mindful When Planting Trees

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, but you need to think about the location of your sewer main drain before planting new trees on your property. If there are any tiny gaps or cracks in the sewer main drain pipe, small tree roots can make their way in and start growing inside the pipe. As the roots are fertilized by the waste, they can grow very large and may block the pipe or even cause it to crack. The best way to prevent this is by not planting trees in the vicinity of your home's sewer main drain.

Schedule Regular Sewer Main Drain Cleaning Services

For peace of mind, it is in your best interest to schedule sewer main drain cleaning services with a reputable local plumber. This type of service removes small blockages or minor clogs before they can become a major problem. Sewer main drain cleaning services are typically substantially less expensive than having to pay for repairs to your sewer main drain due to a complete blockage in the pipe.

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