Free Those Slow Drains Before Your Swimming In Waste Water

Slow drains can be irritating to deal with. The truth is, you shouldn't be dealing with slow drains. When the water doesn't go down the drains as freely as it should, the drainage system is trying to tell you that there's something wrong. If you continue to ignore the warning signs, you could find yourself swimming in waste water in the near future. Here's two options that you may not have tried which may provide your drains with the relief they need and prevent the disgusting mess you're headed for.

Exterior Plumbing Vents

This might sound like a silly place to start, but seriously, it's an easy fix if this is what's causing the drains to slow.

On a clear day, put on a pair of rubber soled shoes and take your plumber's snake to the roof. Look for the vent pipe that comes out of the roof. Put on some work gloves and remove any loose debris that you find. Use a flashlight to look down the vent pipe. It is possible that rodents, birds and other debris is stuck in there.

Send the plumber's snake down the vent and pull it back up out. Repeat this a few times until you no longer pull debris up out of the vent.

Note – If you have been experiencing temperatures below freezing for a few days, the blockage could be caused by ice build-ups. This can be fixed by dumping a bucket of hot water down the vent. This will melt the ice and wash out the debris.

Snake the Drains

If cleaning out the vent didn't fix the issue, it's time to get to work directly on the drains that are running slow. If the slow draining is an issue throughout the house, chances are pretty good that the problem is somewhere in the main sewer line. If you're only having problems in a couple of drains, the problem is probably somewhere in that room or the drain line leading from that area to the main line.

Use a plumber's snake in the tub and sink drains to see if you can open them up.

Tip: Baking soda and vinegar could also help you open up clogged drains. Pour a small amount of baking soda down the drain and then pour some vinegar down there. The mixture will expand and help to break-down anything that is stuck in the drains.

If you don't succeed in getting those drains flowing freely, talk with your local plumber, such as at Plumb-It Inc, for assistance before you find yourself with waste water up to your knees.