4 Common Signs Of A Water Main Line Leak

In homes that receive water from a public water supply, the water is transported to a residence through a large pipe called the water main. The pipe used for a water main is designed to be durable and long lasting, but unfortunately it is possible for a water main line to crack and begin leaking. A leaking water main line can cause a lot of damage if it is not caught early and repaired promptly. Continue reading to learn more about common signs of a water main line leak:

Very High Water Bills

Since a water main line is buried under the ground, it can be hard to detect a leak when it starts. But, one big red flag that may indicate a water main leak is a water bill that is much higher than normal. After living in a home for a while residents tend to know what kind of water bill to expect, so if you receive a bill that is much higher than normal it is in your best interest to call a plumber to inspect the water main and other pipes in your home to see if you have a leak that needs to be repaired.

Poor Water Pressure

It is never a good thing for the water pressure in your home to decrease suddenly. In many cases, a loss of water pressure is caused by a crack in your water main. When a water main line is cracked, normal pressure can't be maintained inside the pipe, which leads to a drop in water pressure. If you notice a drop in water pressure in one faucet, check the other faucets and shower heads in your home-- contact a plumber if you discover that water pressure is low throughout your whole home.

Standing Water in Your Yard

The soil surrounding the damaged water main line will absorb the leaking water until it is completely saturated and after that the water will begin to rise to the surface. When this happens, pools of standing water will form. It is a good idea to inspect your yard regularly for any signs of standing water that is not caused by rain. In the even that you notice a pool of standing water in your yard, you need to contact a plumber immediately.

Cracking Foundation

When a water main line leak is not caught early, the water can eventually soak the foundation of the home and cause cracking. When a foundation is cracked it can become structurally unsound, so repairs need to be made right away. Never ignore cracks in the foundation of your home-- contact a plumber for leak detection services. 

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