2 Possible Reasons Why Your Water Well Pump Is Having Problems Pumping Water

If you depend on a well to provide water for your home, you may have discovered that it is pumping little to no water through your pipes. If so, below are two possible reasons why your well's pump is having trouble delivering the water through your plumbing.

Pump Is No Longer Primed

One possible reason why your pump is not circulating water is that it has lost its prime. For the pump to fully push the water throughout the system, the inside of it must contain no air. If the pump is not fully primed with water, the trapped air will interfere with the pressure required for it to operate.

To check to see if the pump is fully primed, unplug the pump, and pull out the priming plug. If you do not see water at the same level as the opening, replace the plug. Then, push the priming button until you no longer see air bubbles coming out of the pipe. 

After plugging in the pump, turn it on to see if there is any difference in its ability to push water through your home's plumbing. If you do not see a difference, the problem may be caused by something else, such as a clogged strainer.

Strainer Is Clogged Up

As the water is pumped from your well and into your home, it flows through a strainer to filter out any excess dirt and debris. After a while, the holes in the strainer can get clogged up, especially if the water becomes muddy after a heavy rain. If the strainer becomes clogged, less water is pushed through the system.

To see if the strainer is clogged up, unplug the pump and remove the access panel. If you find excessive amounts of mud, rocks, or leaves in the strainer, remove it so you can use a garden hose to blow out the blockages. If you find that some of the dirt and debris is stuck on, use an old toothbrush to gently remove it.

Once you have cleaned the strainer, put it back in the pum, and plug it back in. If you still do not see any difference in your home's water pressure, the issue with your pump may be more serious, necessitating professional assistance. 

After inspecting your pump, you may or may not be able to simply resolve the issue yourself. If not, contact a plumber who offers well water pump repair services, like those at County Pump & Supply Co, to have them look at your pump to find the problem and discuss your options for getting your well's water pumping properly once again.