3 Plumbing Inspections You Need When Moving Into A New Building

When relocating your business to a new storefront location, it is pertinent that you get the proper inspections. Prior to moving in, you need to make sure that the structure and utilities are equipped to support your company. In a storefront, plumbing can be one of the most important aspects of the inspection. Here are three plumbing systems that you need to be inspected for your retail storefront before you officially move in. 

1. Line camera inspection

The best way to take a comprehensive look at the sewer or plumbing lines inside of your building is to get a video line camera inspection. The commercial plumbing team will be able to insert a camera down the sewer lines or down other pipes that you feel may have draining issues. This will be able to catch and take a video of any obstruction or pipe issues. A camera line inspection is best for a thorough overview of the pipes, especially if you are moving into an older building or one that was left sitting and not being taken care of long-term.

2. HVAC system inspection

Many plumbers will be able to look over the HVAC system in your new office building and let you know if there is anything wrong. Leaks, overly dirty filters, and loud noises are all something that they may be able to diagnose with just an overview. Be sure to run the heating and the cooling while the commercial repair service is in your building so you can determine if there is anything wrong with the temperature system or if any banging and clinking happen with one side of the system dials but not the other. If there is a major problem, the repair should be scheduled prior to the opening of business, so that clients and customers will be in a comfortable environment. 

3. Water damage inspection

It is always possible to have hidden water damage that may not be found by anyone aside from a professional. Water damage may be as small in appearance as fine fading of the paint on the wall. It is important to know if you have water damage because this could be an insurance issue and lead to mold or other health problems. Have the commercial plumbing firm check for possible water damage. If there is the possibility of degradation of the building, repairs should be made before opening up to the public. 

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