Does Your Sewer Line Need To Be Replaced?

Sewer lines are located deep within the ground. So, when there is an issue with the sewer line, the problem is sometimes harder to recognize. However, a sewer line issue has the potential to turn into something very serious. So, ensure you know how to identify a problem. 


Sewer lines are intended to last for several years. However, several years is not to be mistaken for forever. If you are not the original owner of the home, you may not know precisely when the sewer lines were last replaced. 

In fact, you might not know if the sewer line is as old as the home, which means it has never been replaced. Even if you are not experiencing any issues, at the very least, you should have a professional come and inspect the condition of the system to be on the safe side.

Frequent Backups

In every household, a clog or slow drain will occur at some point. However, provided that you are not placing any items down the drain or toilets that do not belong, the problem should not be something that you experience on an ongoing basis. 

When it seems like you have one clog after another or you have a clog that simply won't go away, the problem might not be your drains but instead a more significant issue within the sewer line. It is important to note that in some instances the line only needs a deep cleaning; however, in some scenarios that line simply needs to be replaced.


Unusual sounds are also an indicator that you should not ignore when it comes to your plumbing and sewer systems. For the most part, when you flush the toilet or run water from the faucet, the only noise you should hear is this sound of the water flowing. 

If you hear banging noises or gurgling noises, this is an indication of not just an ordinary clog, but a clog that is located deep within your sewer line. In addition to the noises, you might also see bubbles forming in the toilet bowl whenever you flush. Have someone come out to your home to pinpoint the exact location of the damage.

If you recognize any of the signs that indicate an issue with the sewer line, don't ignore the issue. More than likely, the problem will only grow to become something more significant with time. Contact a professional for all your sewer repair needs.