When It's Time To Have Your Drains Checked

A small blockage in a drain can be a minor problem, leading to one of the drains in your home moving slowly. While you can try to fix the problem on your own, it may be hard to reach the blockage with non-professional strategies. If you try to use harsh chemicals, you can end up breaking down the pipes in your home. If the blockage is deep in your pipes, or is a problem with your main sewer line, you'll need to have a plumber come and clean your drains and pipes for you. When you ignore the blockage, you will end up with bigger issues in your home.

When Your Drains Go Slowly

If you notice that one drain in your home is draining slowly, this may be a localized problem that can be resolved by removing the clog. When you have more than one drain going slowly in your home, this indicates a more systemic problem. A blockage in your main sewer line will make it difficult for any of the drains in your home to drain fast, no matter how much drain cleaner you use.

If Your Toilet Gurgles When Flushing

You might not be able to tell if your toilet drain is going slow, but if it makes gurgling noises when you flush, there is an issue. Your toilet may flush sometimes, or have trouble removing wastewater another time. Toilets that make noise as the water goes down the drain are an indication that there is a problem with the drainage.

Strange Odors Coming From Your Drains

If you begin to notice a foul odor in your home, but you can't identify the source, it could be the drains in your home. The main sewer line in your home can get clogged from waste, tree roots, and anything else that goes down your drains. If the sewer line begins to block up, this can cause an odor to travel back up your pipes and into your home. The odor is coming from your drains, and is a clear indication that you need to have your drains cleaned.

When you ignore signs that there is a blockage with your main sewer line, you can end up with a complete blockage. This can cause waste water to come directly into you home. You'll end up with a big mess and damage to your home. Get your drains cleaned if you notice signs that you have a partial blockage to avoid this issue. For more information, contact a company like Leo's Sewer-Drain Plumbing today.