What To Expect When You Have Your Drain Cleaned

If you've never dealt with a drain clog you can't clear, you may be wondering what to expect if you have to call in a plumber. It's possible to clear clogs yourself many times if you have enough perseverance, but when a major clog develops, the only solution is to bring in a plumber and their heavy-duty drain cleaning equipment. Here's what you can expect.

Get Emergency Service If Necessary

Decide if you have an emergency or if you can wait until the next day during business hours to have your drain cleaned. If you're facing an emergency, you can usually get quick service, but you might have to pay more than if you wait. Anything that threatens the safety or health of your family or home should be considered an emergency. However, if you're dealing with sewage backing up in your house, you may need to have the toxic material cleaned up before the plumber can start their work. In some cases, the plumber can clear a sewage drain by working through the cleanout outside, so discuss your situation with a plumber so you know how to proceed.

Consider Recommendations From Your Plumber

A camera inspection is sometimes done along with drain cleaning. This might be recommended if the condition of your drain is in question or if the plumber suspects tree roots. It's helpful to know the exact cause of the clog and the condition of the pipe in case repairs are necessary. For instance, if roots are inside the drain, they may grow right back once the plumber has cleared them out with a water jet or snake. A camera inspection helps the plumber estimate if you might need additional work in the future so you can plan it for a convenient time and when the work fits your budget.

Ask How To Keep Your Drains Clean

While a plumber is at your house, take time to ask for advice about keeping your drains clean so you can avoid clogs in the future. The plumber might recommend products that keep roots out of the lines or they might teach you how to keep hair, paper, and grease clogs from forming through changes in habits and routine maintenance.

Drain cleaning is usually a fairly quick procedure unless the plumber finds something wrong with the pipes. A clogged drain is such an inconvenience and safety hazard that it's worth it to hire a plumber to solve the problem fast rather than continuing to use plungers or chemical products that might harm you or the pipes.

Contact a provider of drain cleaning services to learn more.