3 Indicators That You Need A Sewer Pipe Inspection

Maintaining a home's various parts and systems is an ongoing job, and not all of the work you need to do is obvious from a glance. In addition to dealing with readily apparent and accessible issues such as peeling wallpaper, stained carpeting, and pest infestations, you have to be on the alert for those less-visible problems occurring beneath your feet -- namely, clogged or damaged sewer pipes. Here are three scenarios that should prompt you to schedule a sewer pipe inspection from your local plumbing services provider.

1. Your Toilet Is Making Weird Gurgling Sounds 

A home's plumbing system can develop a clog, leak, or break just about anywhere in its complex network of pipes, valves, and seals. The main distinguishing feature of a sewer line problem, however, is its ability to affect all of your drains and water outlets simultaneously. In these situations, any time you run the water from anywhere in your home, you'll see such odd effects, such as water coming up into your bathtub or sinks. You'll also hear some very strange sounds coming from the toilet. When water tries to run through a system plagued by a sewer line clog, the toilet will make a "percolating" noise, as if someone were trying to brew coffee in the bathroom. Take these sounds as evidence that your sewer pipes need work.

2. It's Springtime

Springtime is a lovely time of year in many parts of the country, a time in which flowers start to bloom and new life sprouts up from the ground. Unfortunately, it's also the time that trees renew their growth, including the growth and expansion of their root systems. Tree roots don't take "no" for an answer as they extend their dominion over your yard -- and the sewer line running through your yard could be in serious trouble. Pressure from roots can cause some kinds of pipes to develop cracks, allowing the root ends to get tangled up inside the pipes and block the flow of water. That's why it's always a good idea to have your sewer line inspected every Spring. Plumbers can snake fiber-optic cables down through the pipes to see whether they've been infiltrated by roots.

3. You're Buying a Vintage Home

You finally found the vintage home of your dreams, and you can't imagine anything keeping you from buying it. Before you sign on the dotted line, however, you'd better get those sewer pipes evaluated. Many of the older homes in this country are receiving their water through pipes made from similarly antiquated materials, such as clay or a fiber-based substance called Orangeburg. These materials can easily become cracked or broken over decades of use, especially if they're threatened by tree roots and other external pressures. If your home was built before 1950, make a sewer pipe inspection top priority. You may need to have those ancient pipes replaced with more durable modern versions.

Don't take the health, functionality, or longevity of your sewer line for granted. If you're due for an inspection and possible repairs based on any of the three scenarios listed above, call your plumbing services technician today and schedule any necessary work!