The Top Lesser-Known Signs Your Home Needs A Drain Cleaning Service

Does your plumbing system need a drain cleaning service? Even though backups, standing water, and slow to drain sinks, are obvious signs of a problem, take a look at the lesser known (but equally important) red flags to watch for.

Drain Flies

Do small winged inspects fly in and out of your sink or tub's drain? While these pests may look like the fruit flies that invade the kitchen garbage can, it's likely they're actually drain flies. These tiny gnats need a constant moisture source—and that makes your home's drains inviting.

A debris-filled narrowing drain pipe is the perfect place for the gnats to live and breed. If you see a sudden spike in drain flies, your home may need more than just an extermination.

Even though a pest control contractor can eradicate the gnats, they're likely to return if you don't clean your home's drains. A professional cleaning service removes the drain fly's home and makes it less likely you'll experience a re-infestation.

Strange Sounds

A gurgling or bubbling noise may indicate a partially clogged pipe. While a full clog may completely stop the flow of water, a partial blockage can cause air bubbles to form. As the water slows, the resulting bubbles can cause the pipes to gurgle.

A professional plumber can assess the gurgle, look for clogs, and clear the drain. This service should open the pipe and eliminate the strange sounds.

Backwards Backups

The sink drain has clog that backs up into the basin. While you may expect to see a backup in the fixture immediately above the drain, what happens when water appears in another part of your home's plumbing system?

A blockage in a main sewer line may cause water from one fixture to backup into another. This type of plumbing problem is more than an irritating issue. A sewer main clog isn't a do-it-yourself job and requires professional attention. The plumber will inspect the drain, evaluate the cause of the backup, find the source of the clog, and remove it.

While the clog removal should eliminate the issue, your home may need regular drain cleaning services to reduce the risk of a recurrence. Discuss your plumbing system's maintenance needs with the plumber and create a schedule that solves the problem permanently.

Slow to drains often signal the need for a professional cleaning. But these aren't the only signs. If your sinks or tubs have an unexplained gnat infestation, gurgle, or back up int other areas of your home, you may need this common drain service.