4 Plumbing Maintenance Tasks You May Want A Plumber To Do Every Year In Your Rental Homes

Plumbing maintenance is important because it protects your home from water leaks and damage. It's easy to keep an eye on your plumbing and make minor repairs when you live in your home every day, but it's a little more difficult to track the condition of the plumbing in your rental homes. You may not even go in the homes for months at a time, and a slow drip could be causing damage you don't know about. That's why periodic plumbing maintenance on your properties is important. Here are four things you may want a plumber to check annually in your rental homes.

1. Test The Water Meter For A Leak

The plumber can read the meter while the faucets inside are turned off. If the meter moves, there's a leak in the plumbing that should be found and repaired. There could be a problem with the toilet running or there might be a leak in a pipe under the slab.

If your house is currently rented, your renters should also notice higher water bills when there's a leak, but if the bill isn't too high or if the leak is a slow drip, they may ignore the problem. That's why it's always good to check for hidden leaks by reading the meter.

2. Test Faucets And Drains

The plumber can also test all the faucets and drains in the home to see if any maintenance needs to be done. A faucet with a slow drip may get worse over time, and the problem may be quick and easy to fix by replacing a rubber washer. When running water through the lines, the plumber can check for how quickly the drains empty. If drains are slow or if toilets are weak when flushed, it may be necessary to snake out the kitchen drain or sewer line so clogs can be avoided.

3. Check For Signs Of Water Damage

A water meter test shows leaks in the water supply lines, but it won't show leaks in drains. Drain leaks can be just as serious since the pipe leaks every time water is used. The drains can be tested if necessary, but your plumber may want to start by looking around the toilet and underneath sinks for signs of water damage. Damp areas or areas with water stains should be investigated further in case a drain has a leaky drip or is leaking sewage under the slab or ground.

4. Flush The Water Heater

You don't want a call early in the morning because the water heater stopped working, so you'll want the plumber to check and service the heater when necessary. Flushing the heater gets rid of sediment that can cause the heater to malfunction. The plumber can also check the safety valve and temperature settings to ensure the heater is operating safely.

By having the plumbing in your rental homes maintained by a plumber, you can have peace of mind there are no leaks causing water damage and you decrease the risk of calls from your renters complaining of clogs and high water bills.