Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair

It's recommended that you've your water heater tank flushed regularly to get rid of sediment and so it can last longer. You should also have the anode rod checked to avoid the accumulation of corrosive elements. Water heater repair ensures the healthy functioning of your heating system. Here are some of the signs that you need water heater repair.

Dropping Hot Water Output

If you find that your water heater doesn't release enough hot water output for people using hot water at different locations in your house, then you have a problem. A dropping hot water output can also be manifested when your heater doesn't generate water that is more than lukewarm temperature. You should call a water heater repair expert if you notice these signs.

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing a dropping hot water output. One of the reasons is a buildup of sediment in your hot water system. When mineral deposits start to form at the bottom of your storage tank, they insulate the water in your tank from the heat that's produced by the tank. The problem could be something as simple as the wrong temperature setting on your heater. You should consult a professional to determine and fix the problem.


Steel is strong, but it's susceptible to rust. When there's corrosion on a specific steel surface of your water heater system, it spreads to the other steel surfaces. On steel water pipes and tanks, rust signifies oncoming leaks. It's hard to determine whether the rust is from the pipes that run to the faucet or from the heater. You need to consult a water heater repair expert at the first sign of rust.

If rust appears in hot water from faucets in your bathtubs and sinks, you're dealing with a rusty water heater. If rust appears around the pressure relief valve or water inlet of your heater, the rust is also inside the tank. In such cases, your plumber will likely advise you to replace the tank.

A Leaking Water Heater

As your water heater gets old, you'll start noticing water on the floor surrounding the tank. This is a sign of a leaking water heater. Leaks could lead to property damage if not fixed in time.

Water leaks occur when the metal in the water tank expands because of many heating cycles. You need to consult a technician about repairing your water tank immediately. At first, the gap is small, but if left unattended, it expands and results in severe leakages that, over time lead to property damage.

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