Pipe Lining Could Be The Best Solution For Eliminating Tree Roots In Your Sewer Pipe For Good

If you're having problems with tree roots in your sewer, you've probably found out that having your sewer line cleaned out is just a temporary solution. If roots got in your sewer line once, they'll eventually grow back and cause clogs again. There's a solution for this problem that keeps tree roots away permanently, and that's pipe lining. Here's a look at how pipe lining can solve your ongoing problem with tree roots.

The Liner Becomes A Hard Pipe

Don't think of a liner as weak or flexible fabric. Although the liner is flat to start so it can be pulled through the old pipe, when the process is finished, the liner becomes a solid, hard pipe. It's like having a new plastic pipe inside your old damaged pipe.

Even if tree roots manage to get through the damaged part of the old pipe, they won't be able to get inside the plastic liner pipe, so your problem with tree roots is solved permanently.

The Liner Eliminates Joints

The joints in a sewer pipe are often the weak areas where gaps eventually form and let in tree roots. A liner is cut to the length of the sewer pipe, so it is all in one piece. There are no joints in the liner, so no matter where the cracks are in the outer pipe, the liner stays secure from root intrusion because there are no seams and no way for roots to get inside.

Liners Allow Repairs To Be Done Underground

Before pipe lining became popular, damaged sewer pipes had to be dug out of the ground to be repaired or replaced. That often caused a mess in the yard or posed a big problem if the pipe ran under a patio or shed.

A liner can be put in a sewer pipe without having to dig it up, so the liner can be pulled through a pipe that runs under your patio if needed. The contractor won't have to dig a big trench in your yard since the pipe doesn't have to be dug up. However, they might dig two holes with one on each end of the pipe to feed the liner in and pull it through.

Pipe lining could be the quick and convenient solution for roots in your sewer line that keep coming back after they've been removed. The process of putting in a liner may involve a camera inspection, cleaning the insides of the pipe, and then installing the liner and inflating it so it cures and becomes a pipe. A liner is like having a new pipe without having to tear your yard up to get it. Reach out to your local pipe lining professional today if this sounds like a service you might be needing.