5 Major Instances That Require Emergency Plumbing

The plumbing system in your home is a critical investment. If a plumbing emergency hinders the efficiency of such a system, you need emergency plumbing services fast. Ignoring urgent plumbing issues can lead to injuries and costly damage to your property. If you think that there's an emergency that's affecting your water pipes, you can't afford to wait long hours before calling a plumbing expert.

Undoubtedly, there are specific tell-tale signs that your plumbing system needs urgent attention. Here are 5 signs that you should call in an emergency plumber.

1. There Is No Water

Nothing can be more depressing than running your faucets only to realize there's not a drop coming out. Instead of worrying over a forgotten water bill, you need to know that it could be an emergency plumbing issue in the offing. Lack of water in your pipes could mean a stubborn blockage or a leak. The best decision is to contact your trusted emergency plumber to diagnose and restore the plumbing.

2. Your Pipes Have Frozen

Frozen pipes in cold weather can be the reason you have water problems in your home. Many people don't realize the severity of such a problem. Frozen pipes end up bursting, leading to disruption and a substantial repair invoice. If you think the freezing weather is the cause of your broken pipes, contact an emergency plumbing company immediately. Remember, clanking and banging pipes are a sign of frozen pipes. Don't go DIY since you could end up aggravating the situation.

3. Low Water Pressure

Have you ever hit the shower but ended up taking ages? Often, low water pressure is the culprit. If the water takes too long to move through your pipes, you'll waste time and your water bill could go up. If you're thinking that your faucet's aerator has a clog, don't fix it yourself. You're not an expert plumber, meaning you could end up damaging the faucet. However, an emergency plumber can resolve water pressure issues quickly and professionally.

4. Severe Back-flow Issue

Let's say you've invested in pricey in-home furnishings like laminated floors, carpets, and rugs. However, filthy backflow water from your sink can damage your furnishings and leave behind a mess. Don't let that happen. Calling an emergency plumber is the only guarantee that your home will be safe.

5. Overflowing Toilets

Perhaps you have invited your guests over and suddenly, your toilet starts overflowing. It can be a nasty experience. Overflowing toilets are health hazards. Instead of making an already critical situation worse, contact an emergency plumber to help you unclog the toilet and restore sanity.

For more information, contact an emergency plumber in your area.