4 Commercial Sewer Problems That Require Sewer Repair Services

Commercial sewer lines are designed to handle heavy wastewater flow compared to residential systems. It's essential to call sewer repair services when you notice issues within your commercial sewer pipes.

The sewer lines that serve your commercial building are large and voluminous. They present faults that require professional sewer repair services. If the main sewer lines in the office complex, food plant, or manufacturing premises are blocked, you should call a sewer repair company to fix them. Here are some commercial sewer line issues that need sewer repair services.

Tree Root Invasion

If trees are growing near your commercial sewer line, their roots are likely to find their way towards your pipes. Tree roots can constrict or break your sewer lines. If you have an old sewer system, it won't take long for roots to choke the pipes and block smooth flow. When roots expand in your sewer pipes, they completely block them and cause unending backups. When you call a trained sewer repair technician, they can locate the blockage and repair broken or blocked sewer pipes.

Grease or Food Buildup

If you operate a hotel or large-scale commercial kitchens, there is a huge volume of kitchen waste, grease, and food particles moving down your pipes. Even if it's a small kitchen, the amount of kitchen waste can slow your sewer lines. If grease solidifies, the buildup can cause backups. It's important to call sewer repair services to clean up the blockage caused by grease and food waste. You should work with repair services that use hydro jetting to clean up debris and solids waste inside your sewer lines.

Foreign Objects

Commercial sewer lines hold many foreign objects. The presence of solid waste other than human waste and water can disable your sewer pipes. When you call sewer repair services, they repair the blocked lines and advise you on the best flushing practices for your commercial building. If feminine products, hand wipes, cotton rolls, or towels cause the clogs, these technicians educate you on solid waste management to avoid recurrent clogs and blockage. It's essential that you and your employees avoid flushing solid objects that clog commercial drains.

Broken and Collapsed Lines

With time, your sewer pipes break due to a range of causes. Frozen ground, settling, roots, and ground movement can trigger damage. If your sewer lines are misaligned, they cause leaks. You need to work with sewer repair services to inspect, locate and repair cracked or clogged pipes. Professional services use new technology to identify sewer issues, and they don't dig up or disrupt your exterior space or lawns.

If you identify these commercial sewer line issues, contact a sewer repair service in your area.