Sewage Backups? Why You Need Plumbing Contractors

A sewage backup is one of the most frustrating and unhygienic plumbing problems you can have in a home. A severe case can make the house uninhabitable. But a sewage backup is usually the climax of a buildup of other plumbing problems. When there is sewage coming out of your bathtub, there is a very serious problem with plumbing pipes in the house. The best way to deal with sewage backups is to avoid them. Why do you need a plumber to avoid sewage backups?

Deal With Clogs 

Clogged plumbing lines are the biggest cause of sewage backups. Homes with children are especially prone to clogging because children are largely ignorant of non-flushable items. All kinds of non-flushable items go down the toilet including baby wipes, napkins, cigarette butts, contraceptives, and other items that can't dissolve in water.

Toilet plumbing is the most likely to clog, but also the kitchen and bathtub drains clog as well. A simple clog affects one place, for example, the toilet. You will see sewage backup in only one place. A more complex case of sewage backup affects all places in the house. If you see sewage backup in different locations, it is a sign of clogging in the main sewage line. You need more tools and skills, which plumbing contractors can offer. They will capably unclog the main sewage line.

Repair a Collapsed Sewage Line

Older sewage lines made of ceramic are vulnerable to collapse from old age and high pressure, e.g., a car passing over it. Modern sewage pipes are made of heavy-duty plastic. While they do not weaken from rust or corrosion, they are also susceptible to breakage from high weight loads like a car running over them.

You will note a collapsed main sewage line by seeing a wet patch where the pipe is collapsed. You will also see sewage backup at multiple points in the house. You need a plumber to fix a collapsed sewage line, either by replacing the collapsed section or the whole pipe. 

Eliminate Overgrown Tree Roots 

If you live in an area with much greenery, you will deal with the possibility of roots creeping into your sewage pipes. Tree roots are attracted to humidity. They gravitate towards sewage pipes. 

Tree roots are very damaging, especially to PVC pipes. They build up immense pressure that will cause the pipe to crack and collapse. You need a plumber to inspect for tree roots and uproot them before they cause damage.

Are you facing frequent plumbing clogs? Contact a plumber to diagnose the plumbing problem and offer a long-term solution.