Why Is Attempting A DIY Faucet Repair A Bad Idea?

If you own your own home and are responsible for the upkeep of your plumbing system, then the temptation to undertake a do-it-yourself faucet repair can be overwhelming. However, a professional faucet repair is often worth the money you will pay because a DIY approach often ends up with further problems and the potential for greater expense. If you need faucet repair, why should you call in a plumber? 

Plumbing Expertise

To begin with, the way a faucet operates within a plumbing system is more complex than it may, at first, appear. Small parts like washers, O-rings, and cartridges are all contained within faucets. Each will need to be correctly identified to start a leaking faucet repair. What's more, you will often need to dismantle them before replacing them in exactly the right configuration.

Using the wrong parts or tools can lead to worsening water leaks that turn a drip into a torrent. If such leaks worsen while you are out, then they can damage cabinetry, flooring, and even the structural components of your home leading to considerable expense down the line which might not even be covered by your insurance if you were found to have conducted a negligent repair. With a plumber undertaking your leaking faucet repair, these possibilities simply won't be an issue.

Personal Injury Risks

Without the proper plumbing tools, you might inadvertently cause accidents, some of which could lead to injuries. Householders often underestimate the pressure in water lines when conducting a leaking faucet repair and could easily suffer from an injury as a result of being directly exposed to onward rushing water. Equally mishandling tools in tight spaces can lead to slips or missteps that might result in cuts or bruises. Why take such a risk when professionals handle these types of plumbing problems day in, day out?

Guaranteed Work

Professional plumbers should provide you with a guarantee of their work. If a new faucet or component is fitted to repair your leaking one, then this should also be supplied with a warranty. Either way, you will have somewhere to go back to if the problem persists or reoccurs. Unlike a DIY repair, which would place the onus on you to sort out an ongoing issue, warranties and guarantees on plumbing work mean no additional expenditure within a stipulated period. If you face further faucet leaks and haven't had a plumber do the work, then it will typically mean several more hours trying to source the right parts and tools to get the job done right at your subsequent attempt at repair.

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