What to Do If You Have a Burst Pipe: Quick and Easy Fixes

If left unattended, a burst pipe can result in significant damage to your home, leading to costly repairs amounting to thousands of dollars. Burst pipes may occur because of age, freezing, tree roots, corrosion, or impact from construction. Whatever the cause may be, it’s essential to know what to do if you have a burst pipe. Here are a few quick and easy fixes to limit the damage and get your home back to normal.

Turn Off the Water Supply

The first thing you should do when you notice a burst pipe is to turn off the main water supply to your home. This will prevent water from continuing to run and causing further damage. Typically, the main shut-off valve is located in close proximity to your water meter. Be sure to shut it off completely and avoid using any water until the pipe is fixed.

Identify the Location of the Burst Pipe

Once you’ve turned off the water supply, the next step is to locate the burst pipe. Look for signs such as water pooling or collecting around the area or a hissing sound coming from the pipes. If the location is easily accessible, you may attempt to fix it yourself or call a professional plumber if it needs more work. On the other hand, if the burst pipe is located behind a wall or ceiling, it’s best to seek professional help.

Relieve Pressure from the System

After identifying the location of the burst pipe, it’s essential to relieve pressure from the system to prevent further damage. You can do this by turning on all the cold taps in your home and draining the system of any remaining water. This will allow you to safely make temporary repairs until a plumber arrives on the scene.

Make Temporary Repairs

Making temporary repairs can help minimize the damage caused by a burst pipe before the plumber comes in. You can use duct tape, clamps, or rubber sheets to cover gaps or holes in the pipe. These temporary fixes will help keep the water from spraying out. However, keep in mind that these are only temporary solutions and shouldn’t replace professional repairs.

Call a Professional Plumber

Finally, be sure to call a professional plumber to repair the burst pipe. A plumber can identify the source of the problem, make necessary repairs, and ensure that your plumbing system is back to normal. A licensed plumber is always the best choice for fixing any plumbing damage, so don’t hesitate to call one in.

When a pipe bursts, it's crucial to act swiftly and think on your feet to address this urgent emergency. Remember, the first step is to shut off the main water supply, locate the burst pipe, and relieve pressure from the system. Then, you can make temporary repairs to prevent further damage before a professional plumber arrives to fix the problem. By following these quick and easy fixes, you can avoid costly repairs and minimize damage when you have a burst pipe in your home.

For more information, contact an emergency plumbing service near you.